Gael's Fix

I don't have a magic wand... but...

I have a magical way of thinking about things that feels like I've worked a little bit of magic once we're done

Ready to make some magic?

Project Management

Have a big project looming and not sure where to start? Together we'll get it outlined, mapped, and executed.

Let's Go!

Business Strategist

You're at the dreaded plateau (congrats!), you've grown as much you can but can't quite get to the next level. Together we'll integrate your vision and your reality to create your dream!

Let's Talk!

Training & Workshops

Everything from social media to how to use that new fancy software you bought to make your life easier.


The Chaos Brain Bot

Have you ever wanted to "pick my brain"? Here's your chance! I'm rolling out a #brainbot that is essentially a digital filing cabinet with everything (well almost) I know, in a messenger bot. The best part? Access to the filing cabinet will always be free :)

Gaelix on YouTube :P

You'll find how to's, features, tips and expert bits on everything from writing to social media mayhem.


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