5 Days of Apps that Automate for Small Business

Discover ways to automate things in your business and learn how to leverage them to take back your work week. 

OMG I'm so in!!!!

Areas You Can Automate

Client Management

Keep the human and VIP feel without losing your mind

Website & Social

Keep your costs down without losing your online reputation


Focus on money making tasks without losing momentum

In this 5 Day Live Series, you will...

🔥 Evaluate your tech/tools/lack thereof

🔥 Learn how tools can automate different parts of your business

🔥 Know what you want to start using right now and how to choose tools in the future

🔥 Be able to implement and integrate at least one new tool into your business

🔥 Have a plan for the way forward to more automation so that you can take back your workweek

I Can't Wait to Automate!

This is for Anyone Who...

  • works for themselves
  • works for someone else
  • doesn't work but has volunteer obligations
  • has tasks that they are tired of repeating and want a simpler way to do things
  • gets annoyed when there are 6 emails/texts to schedule a meeting
  • can't find that thing they wrote that one day about that thing that was really important
  • copied something to copy-paste and promptly forgot and copied something else, gah!


That's MEEEEE!!!!!!

Ready to automate?

This is your chance to get your tools in order and stacked to streamline those repetitive tasks that drive you bonkers...

I'm so READY

What's Included?

5 Live Sessions

Live instruction and the chance to get your questions answered in real time.

Actionable Info

Leave each day with something you can implement DIY or delegate to your team.

30 Day Replay Access

Can't make a session? Catch the replay for 30 days after we wrap up.

Here are a few of the Apps we will cover