Bust Out Your Bio

Heyyyyy!!! So glad you made it! Are you ready to bust out your Bio with me?

Hell Yes!

VIP Treatment

One on One Interview that leaves you feeling like you've just won an Emmy

Polished Pro Bio

Profesh Bio that tells your story beautifully and with impact

Strategy Consult

We work together to ensure your finished Bio meets your needs

How does it work?

We get together and have a conversation all about you, your dreams, your business, and what you need your bio to do for you. Using Zoom we will be spending about 30 minutes together.

After that, I work my magic and draft a professional bio to help you put your best foot forward on whatever adventure you choose to take. You review the draft and make comments/changes, then I edit based on your feedback.

From there the bio is all yours to do with what you will. The final version will be anywhere from 250-500 words.

What Does it Cost?

Just $99...

Yup, that's it! Crazy right?

This is my gift to you for saying yes to your business and asking for help!


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