Are you Leveraging your Assets?

How to Use Your Assets... No! Not those assets lol your business assets or tools :P

Seriously though, you have probably spent a lot of money acquiring "assets" or tools to help you be more successful and accomplish the goals you are trying to reach. But I bet you don't use all of the assets you have paid hard-won money for. I'd like to help you change that! This video explains how you can use the assets you already have to solve the problems you have been banging your head against the wall about.

The Video...

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Problem Solving Resource I mentioned...

Show Notes...

The short version is that we are making an inventory list of all of the assets we have. Then you make a list of the problems you currently need to solve. From there you match up your assets you have that can help you solve the problems you have. After you have matched everything up, you can see which assets maybe you don't need and which problems can be solved with what you have.

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