Have you ever googled something and gotten 400 things you didn't need?

Ugh, me too! I really just needed one simple answer. Not 25,000 youtube videos to sort through and not thousands of articles to read through just to get the one simple answer I needed. Ikr?!

When a friend has a question about an online platform, they usually skip Google altogether and shoot me a message. Most of the time, I have already found and stored the answer in my brain somewhere in my travels. I pull it out of the filing cabinet in my head and shoot a message back.

I love being a resource and answering questions... like most humans!

But... I realized that I was answering some of the same questions, a lot. And it was becoming harder to want to help. To me, this was a serious problem. So, I did what any good problem solver would do and went to work.

How can I store the information in my head, somewhere that people (like you) can access easily...

This is a question I have been asking myself for years. There have been several failed attempts, but I think I finally nailed it!

My brain is unlocked and available to be picked 24/7 via messenger bot!

What's in it? Answers for Questions on things like marketing, online tools, business management, social media, productivity solutions and more.

I'm ready!

Brain Bot Roll Out

The brain bot is a digital filing cabinet with the most frequently asked questions I receive as a business consultant, project manager, and online platform trainer.


What types of things might you find the brain bot?

This Playlist features some of the info you might find in the bot.

The #BrainBot is live!


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I'm Ready!