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Your Way Forward Plan

Ok Real Talk... 

If you have made it to this page, we probably know each other, we might have worked together, or we are somewhere in between. Thank you so much for showing up on this page!

It means the world to me that you are thinking about jumping into the "Your Way Forward Plan Guinea Pig Round". This just means that this is the first time I'm putting this particular methodology into a standalone course dedicated to supporting you on your journey to

  • ending decision fatigue,
  • the beginnings of outsourcing your no-joy tasks, and
  • learning a process I have used in my life & with countless others to help them create their own way forward plan 

You yourself may have experienced a small taste of what is in this course already if we have worked together or you have asked me for advice/help with a problem etc.

This is a process I have been teaching and training on in the background throughout my life. Figured it was time to pull back the curtain and get real about what is going on in my head.

I'm ridiculously giddy (and terrified) to be inviting you into the inner workings of my process and how I have managed to "effortlessly" (not actually - it takes work and dedication and spoiler alert ~ a powerful process)

  • write a book a year
  • raise three wickedly awesome kids
  • manage large projects
  • consistently find clients
  • learn things quickly and efficiently
  • appear to have all the answers for all the questions

and all the other things not on this list that people can't believe I have pulled off while not completely losing it.

I seriously can't wait for you to get into the course!

Things that the process you will learn can used to complete...

  • Biz plan
  • Custom plans for anything you please
  • Action Plan for a problem you are facing
  • Project Plan for a big thing that is coming your way
  • Candyland Plan (yes I'm serious)

Learning this process will compliment and support the epicness you already have in you to move forward and past whatever decision/problem is holding you in place.

The Nitty Gritty

Big thing to note, this is not a group program and is not for the faint of heart. There will be work and it may be hard. But the rewards are boundless if you are ready to show up and do the work. I know everyone ever says that, but it's true!

Now to answer a few questions...

How many modules?

This may change, but currently there are 6 Main modules with a few learning points within each.

How do I access the course?

Everything will be in Kajabi.

Do we get those fun worksheets everyone else has?

I'm working on that! I want to be sure it is a fun and engaging experience.

How are we going to chat?

  • You will always be able to post questions inside the course itself
  • You can book a one on one call for an additional fee if you are needing more guidance/help/support

What does being in a BETA program (or a Guinea Pig program) mean?

  • Things aren't polished or pretty
  • You get a discounted rate and first run access to a raw course
  • I get your feedback, suggestions for improvement, and trials and tribulations to help me iterate a better experience on the fly
  • I will be learning right along with you!
  • You get lifetime access to the new and improved course and every update from now until the day the internet dies

There are no refunds :) I'll see you on the inside!

With Love,


P.S. If you aren't sure about jumping in and want to have a quick convo about it, you can schedule a call here.